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Vulcano e i Laghetti di Venere

Thanks to secondary strombolian activity, the island of Vulcano has seen the birth of a series of natural stagnations that have brought to light the benefits of its healing mud.
The beneficial qualities of the hydrothermal waters have earned these places of well-being the title of “Laghetti di Venere”.

How to reach the healing mud of Vulcano?

The island can be reached by ferry or by renting a private boat, that allows a tour of Vulcano until you reach the small natural oasis where you can immerse yourself in the incredible beneficial effects of this mud.

What are the benefits of the mud of Vulcano?

-help to fight skin ageing

-contrast the appearance of skin impurities, such as acne

-provide relief from rheumatic pain through heat and mineral substances

-relieve intestinal problems such as gastritis

-is recommended for those suffering from respiratory diseases due to sulphurous emanations.

You thought that was all?

In addition to being a natural source of well-being, the mud of Vulcano is an unique show in the world in terms of landscape. Thanks to this real open-air spa, you can give relief to both body and spirit, obtaining an immediate feeling of relax.

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