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Beaches, crystal clear sea and black volcanic sand.

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What are the beaches to reach in Vulcano? Given the volcanic nature of the island, almost all the beaches are composed of black sand.  

Beach of Acque Calde

A few steps away from where passengers arrive from the last ferry, the beach of Acque Calde is about 300 meters long and is so popular that many of the island’s four-star hotels are nearby. Made of unusual black sand of volcanic origin, the water here simply shines.

Beach of Gelso

The distance of the Spiaggia di Gelso from the harbour means that it is rare to find too much people. Although it lacks of the facilities you find around the beach of Acque Calde, it has a comfortable traditional restaurant within walking distance.

Beach dell’Asino

Immediately east of the beach of Gelso, Asino Beach is one of the most equipped on the island. It also has a kind of dual personality. During the day it is relatively quiet, while by night it is one of the main dancing areas of the island.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach forms the western side of the land bridge leading to the mostnorth of the island. Curved around a medium-sized natural bay, not only located in the immediate surroundings of the harbour, but it also offers incredible sunsets during summer nights.

What to do in Vulcano.

Admire the view from Capo Grillo

Drive about seven kilometers south of the harbour and you will reach the small village of Piano. Here on the coast of Capo Grillo there are some of the most beautiful views of the island, which on a beautiful day embrace the various landscapes the islands of Salina, Stromboli and Filicudi, just to mention a few.

Excursion to the Fossa di Vulcano

If you have never approached the edge of the crater of a sleeping volcano, here is your chance.
The hiking to the Fossa of Vulcano requires to most people no more than an hour to reach a panoramic platform overlooking the crater.

Enjoy a mud treatment (temporarily closed)

The natural pools, near the main harbour, are rich of many minerals known for the benefits of the skin. Just make sure to remove all your jewellery before covering yourself with the smooth paste for any eventuality!


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