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Vulcanello e la Valle dei Mostri

Vulcanello is the small peninsula of the island of Vulcano, in the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands.
Born from an ancient lava eruption, Vulcanello was originally known as an island, then connected to the largest Vulcano, by the lava flows poured into the sea.
Today, the Isthmus of Vulcano is composed of a thin strip of volcanic earth that still unites the two islands and makes Vulcanello a peninsula to all effects.
Currently, Vulcanello is considered an extinct volcano whose first eruption, according to the testimonies of Plinio il Vecchio, would be dated around 183 B.C. 
The volcanic activity of the previous years has led to the progressive creation of bizarre rocks shapes born from the lava skilfully carved by the winds coming from the sea: we are talking about the Valle dei Mostri.
The valley can be reached by a paved path that runs along the north-east side of Vulcanello and can be visited in all its splendour in the early morning or towards sunset, in which the rays of the sun play with the suggestion of lights and shadows to trick our eyes and show us the rocks under new forms, more or less terrifying, like those of a lion or a bear on
two legs.

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