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The 7 places to visit in Vulcano

Among the Aeolian Islands, Vulcano is the most southern and therefore closest to Sicily. To distinguish it from the others, it is the large inactive crater since the 19th century, but it is not the only peculiarity of this beautiful tourist destination.
Let’s discover together the 7 places to see for those who go on holiday in Vulcano:
1. Gelso Beach – can be reached from Vulcano Porto by a single road. This area of the island was mainly intended for the cultivation of vineyards. Every year, during the first Sunday in July, we celebrate the Madonna delle Grazie.
2. Gran Cratere della fossa – with its diameter of about 500 meters, dominates the entire island. It is from the harbour of Levante and through a path of almost an hour. It initially is a tiring excursion, because of the softness of the volcanic sand, but it is an obligatory stop of every visit to Vulcano.
3. Sabbie Nere Beach – is characterized by the colour of the sand of a volcanic nature. This protected bay connects the harbour of Levante to the former island of Vulcanello, with a gradual descent into the water and not too deep.
4. Vulcano Thermal Pool – was built in the 60’s thanks to the removal of the crust surface of the fumarole area. Its volcanic lake is naturally fed through the bubbling of the volcanic springs. In its waters the beneficial vapours of the sulphur and its properties dissolve. Its fine clay mud is a cure-all for the body and skin of tourists from all over the world.
5. Baia delle Acque Calde – it is right in front of the mud ponds and named after the heat released by the jets of hot water coming out of the sea. The result? An incredible 100% natural hydromassage.
6. Valle dei Mostri – in the area of the isthmus of Vulcanello, we find the beautiful valley and its bizarre rock formations. The weather and atmospheric conditions have shaped these rocks giving them the silhouette of mythological creatures and animals.
7. Antica via reale (‘a strada vecchia) – was built at the time of Emperor Ferdinand of Bourbon to allow him to travel the island from Vulcano Porto to the Gelso district. Today it is a destination for lovers of trekking.
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