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Excursion in Vulcano: The Gran Cratere della Fossa

If you are thinking of visiting the island of Vulcano, you should definitely dedicate two/three hours of your time to the naturalistic excursion to the Gran Cratere della Fossa. 
The tour is not very challenging and does not require special preparation or specific equipment, as long as you wear comfortable shoes (better if they are trekking shoes), you bring a supply of water and you avoid making the excursion in the hot hours of the summer season.
The beginning of our route begins with a path that is just 5 minutes from the harbour Levante, and it unfolds through a volcanic landscape composed of brooms, rocks and a characteristic sandy-volcanic bottom of black colour.After about 45 min. walk we arrive at the Gran Cratere whose panorama offers the view of Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina, up to the top from which you can see the Aeolian Islands in a single glance, including the archipelago of Vulcanello. Looking south instead, you can see the northern coast of Sicily and the Etna.
Continuing our excursion, we discover a diameter of about 500m,
which composes the Gran Cratere. Its fumaroles and thermal springs from which the famous mud of Vulcano (Laghetti di Venere) are the only visible manifestations of its activity, after the great eruption occurred in 1890. 
In the summer months it is impossible not to be tempted by the desire to be cuddled by the benefits of its thermal mud. In this case, leave already equipped with a swimwear, towels and all the necessary to rinse off.
The unique smell of sulphur emitted by fumaroles and the consequent ochre and red veil that colours the ground and the surrounding rocks, make the incredible scenery for our stay near the crater. In case you want to go closer at the fumaroles, it is good to take precautions by wearing a protective mask to soften the impact of sulphurous gases.
Once the excursion is complete, you can return to the starting point through the same path.

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