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The island of Vulcano

The ancient Hierà is a very interesting island for its many volcanic and post-volcanic phenomena.
It has an area of 21 square kilometres, and it has the largest highland of the Aeolian Islands formed by lavas and deep valleys. The circumnavigation of the island is a succession of fantastic visions for the variety and beauty of the scenery. Interesting also the excursion to the main crater (Fossa II) from the diameter 500 m. A characteristic is the promontory of Vulcanello (123 m) rising from the sea in 183 B.C. from a peninsular submarine eruption and consists of three small craters; it is joined to Vulcano from an isthmus of just one meter above sea level.

The eruptive activity has had more or less long intermittences since the beginning of the historical era; Thucydides gives us the first news already at the end of the fifth century. The most recent period of eruptive activity dates back to August 3,1888 with large emissions of material but, since then the crater has remained in the process of fumaroles from which, however, from 1913 to 1923 have occurred four abundant emissions of liquid sulphur. Characteristics are the underwater fumaroles in the harbour of Levante where it seems that the sea boils; an obligatory destination and one of the main attractions for visitors and swimmers.

In the same area flows a thermal spring with the presence of mud (the Pozza) with a strong therapeutic power very suitable for the treatment of rheumatic forms. At the beginning of the 19th century the Bourbon general Nunziante, created in Vulcano the industry for the extraction of alum and sulphur with a good equipment and supported by streets.

In the second half of the century the Scottish Stevenson bought the whole island and continued the work of its predecessor with rational criteria, building roads and shelters, subsequently destroyed by a strong eruption. Being close to the coast the island is a destination for daily tourism. Very busy the so-called “ponente” beach composed of fine sand and equipped with restaurants and hotels, while in the area of “Levante” it is possible to find shops with all kinds of items.


The main areas to visit are Vulcanello, Capo Grillo and the large crater of the island, regarding the volcanic places. On the coast the interesting places are Grotta del Cavallo, Vulcano Gelso (with equipped beaches) and the Grotte dell’Allume. On the northwest coast we meet Capo Grosso, huge wall pierced, fish refuge, orange corals and many colourful sea flowers. Nearby there is Capo Testa Grossa with the wonderful underwater cave.

Quaglietto is, instead, a mighty cliff in which opens a large cave where there is an altar dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In the opposite area, there is to explore the Grotta della Sirenetta, which presents a particular and intense yellow colour due to the presence of sulphur.

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